Laboratory for Cell-Free

Systems and Synthetic Biology

@ Northwestern University


Our research aims to develop cell-free biology as an enabling technology for biomanufacturing life-saving therapeutics, advanced materials, and sustainable chemicals, both quickly and on-demand. Specifically, we focus on designing, constructing, and modifying biological systems involved in protein synthesis and metabolism, with promise to advance new paradigms for synthetic biology.

  1. We aim to accelerate the construction of synthetic biomolecular machines making natural and unnatural biopolymers.

  2. We integrate fundamental science with technology development.

  3. We foster an inclusive, motivated, and creative culture which produces both world-class science and synthetic biology experts.


Mission Statement


September 2015 - Javin’s new CFPS Sep paper is out in Nature Communications.

September 2015 - Prof. Jewett promoted to Associate Professor.

August 2015 - Congratulations to the Seok Hoon Hong and the start of the Hong Lab at IIT.

July 2015 - Ribo-T is out at Nature - Congrats Erik! and to our collaborators at UIC.

July 2015 - Adam Hockenberry highlighted as a Northwestern presidential fellow.

June 2015 - Dr. Jewett selected to chair SEED2016.

May 2015 - Dr. Jewett selected to chair ICBE 2016.

May 2015 - Dr. Jewett awarded Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

April 2015 - Dr. Jewett invited to give  a lecture at the Synthetic Biology Gordon Conference.

September 2014 - Dr. Jewett honored with the Cole-Higgins Award for Excellence in Teaching

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